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Russia's war on Intellectual property

Intellectual property rights have been suspended as of March 2022 for international patent holders associated with "unfriendly actions" against Russia.

Find out what this means for IP holders and the legalities surrounding it in our new whitepaper, written by one of our brand protection experts.


Fight the fakes

Fakes, dupes and counterfeits are a serious issue in any industry, and you can't afford to just ignore them.  Along with our powerful software, Swoop, we search ecommerce, social media and domains to detect copycats and enforce your intellectual property - protecting your brand, and saving you valuable time and resource. And all at an affordable price!

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A word from our customers

When the team at Glencairn identified they had an issue with online counterfeiting, they approached SnapDragon to help them protect their uniquely designed "Glencairn Glass". Now, SnapDragon defends their brand on over 25 marketplaces across the world. 

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“SnapDragon took down hundreds of fake listings all over Alibaba, AliExpress, Taobao, etc which were using our images and also from Amazon and eBay in Europe for breach of design right. SnapDragon takes all the hassle away and have software making it a 1000 times more painless than doing it yourself."

Glencairn Crystal

"Blood, sweat and tears have taken this company from the initial Glencairn Glass, designed by my father, to become the global success it now is. Quality and innovation are key. Infringement is something we will not, and do not, tolerate – and this is where SnapDragon came in."

International team

Our talented team of brand protection specialists speak 14 languages between them - making your protection truly global.

Trusted protection

We are trusted by brands all over the world to protect their revenue, reputation and customers from harmful online fakes.

Valuable Experience

SnapDragon was founded by our CEO, Rachel Jones, when she experienced online copycats of her innovative product.

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