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The essential guide

Are you worried about fakes, copycats and counterfeits? We understand how frustrating it can be when you see your products and designs being stolen online. SnapDragon was founded by our Head Dragon, Rachel Jones, after she successfully battled counterfeits of her own brand. We're driven to protect because we've been there ourselves.

We have pulled together 5 essential brand protection strategies, to help you fight back against the fakes. Fill out the short form to get your free download!


SnapDragon brand protection

You can't afford to let fakes damage your brand.


International team

Our talented team of brand protection specialists speak 14 languages between them - making your protection truly global.

Cost effective

Stop your revenues being diverted by online fakes at a price you can afford. Great brand protection doesn't need to cost the earth.

Time saving

Protecting your brand can be time consuming. Let us take over your fight against fakes so you can focus on growing your business.